Top 14 Android and iOS Apps To Download In 2020

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Re: Top 14 Android and iOS Apps To Download In 2020

Postby shahrukh » Fri Jan 17, 2020 4:47 pm

5. Prisma


This photo editing app may not be useful per se, but it's very fun! Using Prisma, you'll be able to transform the photos from your phone into works of art. There are over 300 artistic styles available on the app, and you can even make your pictures look like artworks by famous artists, such as Picasso or Salvador Dali. All you have to do is upload an image to the app and select a style of your choosing - et voila - a masterpiece is born!

6. Socratic


If you're looking for an excellent educational app that will make learning easier and more fun for you, Socratic is your app! The app covers a wide range of subjects starting with astronomy, math, and biology, and ending with humanities and social sciences, such as psychology, history, and even grammar. If you have a problem you're working on, or a word or concept you don't understand, simply take a photo of it, and the app will scan it and return with an answer - fast and easy.

7. Xender


Everyone needs to share or transfer files from their phone to another device from time to time. Well, Xender is capable of doing this really fast compared to other file transfer apps - you can share a video with your friends in seconds! Apart from that, this app will not use up any of your data and doesn't have a limit on the file size, unlike most apps of this kind. Finally, the app allows the transfer of all kinds of files: videos, images, zip files, folders, music, and excel files, just to name a few.

8. Khan Academy


It doesn't matter if you're eager to learn a new subject, or simply want to brush up on your skills and knowledge, you will likely find something fitting for yourself on the Khan Academy online courses app. The app will grant you access to over 10.000 videos containing lessons and courses in a variety of disciplines ranging from economics to science and math. All courses are 100% free, so learn all you can!

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